Wholesale Porcelain Tile-Kitchen Cabinets-Kitchen Countertop

Factory Direct Professional Customer Service

  We've been manufacturing Wholesale Porcelain Tile, Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops for over 30 years as individual companies. Come visit one of our Tile Stores to see our vast selection. We Manufacture in Italy, Greece, Germany, India and China to make what ever you need. Italian Porcelain Tile, Greece Porcelain Tile and Kitchen Cabinets, German Kitchen Cabinets, Italian Tile, Marble & Granite Slabs, Quarts and Corean Countertops, everything you desire. We import Drywall, Plywood, Construction Framing Lumber and boards, Steel Studs and concrete block. Now you can find everything at prices that blow away the competion in one place. We deliver to your project site or you can come pick up at our warehouses in Farmingdale New York and Orlando Florida and Toronto Canada.  

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  We guarantee our product and we will deliver directly to your door or job site. You can even pick up your order at one of our warehouses. We deliver anywhere in the USA.  

Committed to Quality

  Buying Factory Direct wholesale kitchen cabinets and wholesale porcelain tile from our tile stores made in Italian, Greece, India and China factories insures the quality of your order will be a specified or your money back!  


BLM is the DCA Licensed & Bonded Home Improvement Contractor division of BL Materials

We are a DCA Licensed & Bonded Home Improvement Contractor. Certified American Standard Installers(WIT). We specialize in Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodels and do complete ADA compliant Kitchen and Bath Conversions. We have over 30 years construction experience including ground up, remodeling/renovations. Our Team members have completed 100s of complete gut and update of homes and apartments in all 5 Boroughs and Long Island.